Las mejores tapas de Madrid, a tu alcance

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tapas gourmetYou have to be quick because the initiative only lasts until Sunday 26th of October at Palacio de Cibeles, under the name Mercado de la Tapa, the Tapa Market. These are not tapas like those you may find in Lavapiés, without wanting to disrespect them, an initiative that also concludes on the same day, but rather more sophisticated ones, which also translates into a higher price, at 3 euros a tapa.

Of course these are tapas elaborated by some of the country’s most prestigious chefs, such as Mario Sandoval or Paco Roncero, in an event that was born to “bring the city’s culinary excellence and variety closer to the general public” according to the organisers.

As well as the aforementioned chefs, to which we can add others like Joaquín Felipe from Aspen restaurant, there will be the eight winners of the tapas route that different beer companies have promoted, and six reference establishments in Madrid to showcase the new local gastronomy.

The timetable is from 12.00pm until 4.30pm and from 8.00pm until 12.00am. For those who cannot arrive in time, we offer them other proposals as a Plan B. One of them is the Juana La Loca restaurant, whose pintxos could almost be considered as full tapas, albeit still preserving the spirit of the quality tapa with proposals such as mini fondue of Munster cheese with roasted pepper breadsticks. It is located on Plaza Puerta de Moros.

Another interesting option to immerse oneself into the world of high-end tapas are the Lateral establishments, with different miniature delicacies such as the beef sirloin nigiri with truffle oil or vegetable tempura with yoghurt sauce. The place located on Plaza de Santa Ana or the one on Fuencarral are two very interesting options. They also have a takeaway service in case you want to enjoy the food in a nearby park, weather permitting of course.

And, of course, there are also the many places on Cava Baja and the La Latina district, located just ten minutes from our location. If you are looking for a hotel close to La Latina, there are few in Madrid that can boast such a close location.

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