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Nos vamos a coger setas

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setasThey are there waiting for us, around the corner, a stone’s throw on a regional train. Let’s forget about asphalt for a while and enjoy autumn and all of its intensity and mystery: mushrooms that, with all the proper information, can bring us a great family time that is later rewarded on the dinner table. Let’s see some places where you can find mushrooms around Madrid.

One of them is located in the surrounding area of Alameda del Valle, in the Guadarrama mountains. The place is a reference for mushroom pickers and among the dense pines and oaks you can find the coveted boletus edulis also known as porcini.

Another beloved place for pickers is Puerto de Canencia, in the heart of the valley of Lozoya, one of the rivers that has traditionally brought water to Madrid. It is a highly appreciated place due to the variety of mushrooms that you can find there, among them the classic amanita muscaria or fly agaric with its red hat. You can take photos of it but it is best not to pick it since it is toxic.

A good route is the one that goes from Cercedilla, the Madrid part of the Way of St. James, to Segovia, 23 miles that good walkers can do in a single day at a good pace, and you can find many mushrooms anywhere around it. Obviously, you do not have to walk the full 23 miles since you can find mushrooms just a few miles from Cercedilla in a sloped terrain. It is the perfect chance to have a walk around this town that has plenty of mountain charm about it.

Do not forget that you must not gamble with mushrooms since there are risks of grave and lethal intoxication. That is why a good option is to go to the Mycological Society of Madrid, who offers a free analysis of mushrooms every Tuesday and points out their quality and potential toxicity.

It is a fantastic plan to enjoy nature just a few miles from Madrid. From our hotel next to Puerta de Toledo you can easily access these places from the Pirámides train station, located just a five-minute walk from us.

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