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La mejor carbonara de Madrid

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Carbonara sauce is a subject that can result in a heated discussion and even falling out with other people. With or without cream? Purists are clear about it: without. The truth is that the authentic Italian recipe does not use this dairy product, focusing on the flavours of the pancetta, the egg and the Parmesan cheese. However, if we prefer it with cream, are we heretics?

La Tavernetta (Calle Orellana, 17, metro Alonso Martínez) is a trattoria which prepares delicious linguine carbonara, with pork cheek and without cream, enjoying an excellent reputation for it. The more orthodox carbonara fans will be happy. Other options in this pleasant and affordable restaurant (mains between 12 and 15 euros), are the spaghetti with meatballs and marinara sauce, a heavy dish that pays tribute to Italo-American cuisine. For the more gourmet guests, they prepare ravioli filled with liver with shallot sauce.

Slightly out of the way but with an excellent reputation is the carbonara served in Fortissimo, a restaurant located in the Aravaca district (Camino de Zarzuela, 23) that also serves pizzas, antipasti and caponata of the highest quality.

Arrivederci Roma is also famous for its large selection of pasta, which can come with a carbonara sauce made the traditional way that is one of the stars of the menu. Located in the heart of Madrid next to El Retiro (Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 27), this restaurant is a great way to immerse yourself in traditional Italian cuisine and sample this dish that is not especially old, since it was only created during the Second World War when the Allies were fighting the fascists in Italy.

Don Giovanni, considered the best Italian restaurant in Madrid according specialised media, is also an excellent option to try this dish that has so many fans, made in the orthodox way and, read carefully, finished off at the table in front of the client. Where is it? Also close to El Retiro, on Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 23. The chef, Andrea Tumbarello, creates dishes of the highest quality, especially the exquisite black truffle pizza.

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