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El Retiro y sus encantos gastronómicos

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Walking around Madrid’s green lung is a must for all visitors and residents at least once a week. Going through the gate of the Fallen Angel and walking through Cuesta de Moyano while admiring the spring beauty of the rose garden and breathing in the fresh air by the lake to the sound of the street musicians is a great experience not to be missed.

If we move towards the side of Avenida de Ménendez Pelayo, we get to a series of streets that are full of lively places for tapas, beer and authentic restaurants, especially on the perpendicular streets of Ibiza and Sainz de Baranda. Taberna Laredo (Doctor Castelo, 30), is one of the most popular and busiest ones in the district, with one of the best selection of food and beer in the Spanish capital according to those in the know. Mussels with mojo, mollejas and croquettes are just some of the exquisite tapas you can try here. If you add an excellent atmosphere and service, it’s the perfect place for some food, although prices are a bit steep.

La Castela is the flip side of the coin in terms of prices, although it’s quite lively and it can get crowded on weekends. Their tapas are delicious and abundant, with a large variety in seafood. They recommend the clóchina, a tasty type of rock mussel. Tip: go during the week to avoid the crowds. It is located close to Taberna Laredo, on Calle Doctor Castelo, 22.

And without leaving this series of perpendicular streets, go to La Catapa (Calle Menorca, 14), which is similar to the previous bars in terms of noise and popularity, although it’s something to be embraced. It has a bar which is a joy to look at thanks to the food, ideal to enjoy some tapas while standing next to it. Safe bet: try the Spanish omelette and the Russian salad.

Closer to Puerta de Alcalá, Calle Villalar has become a street that gathers an excellent selection of restaurants and bars, much like Calle Ponzano. One of them is Il Tavolo Verde, a pleasant place that is also an antiques shop. It is the ideal place for a coffee and a slice of cake or an organic meal.

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