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Short burger route in Madrid

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Hamburguesa en Madrid

For some time now, burgers have no longer been considered fast food as such and have climbed to the top of the cuisine ladder. Their popularity is such that even Burger King and McDonalds (each in their own way) have wanted to create some more innovative, unique and well-crafted burgers beyond the Whoppers and Big Macs.

Gourmet burgers have strongly found their niche in many cities, including Madrid, where you can find burgers of all types and sizes for all tastes and ages.

There are so many burger restaurants that it is impossible to talk about them all in a single post. In fact, there already is a World Burger Day (May 28), but this date is hardly a date to claim notoriety since burgers are currently enjoying a golden age like never before.

So, if you like good food and love burgers and everything that goes with them, here are a few places you can visit. But remember, this is only a short list.

  1. Alfredo’s. The one which has been there for what seems like forever. Genuine American flavour. It arrived in Madrid in 1981 and since then it has had the upper hand in this burger revolution. It has three different restaurants in the Salamanca district and Cuzco.
  2. Hamburguesa Nostra. Centrally located in Glorieta de Bilbao. Here, they make their own meat, known as Raza Nostra (Our Race), which you can also buy the butcher shops of many markets.
  3. Goiko Grill. A quick ascendant to the top positions of this ranking. Managed by a Venezuelan of Basque origin, these burgers try to bring something extra to the table, combining Idiazábal cheese with traditional American burgers.
  4. New York Burger. In 2009 there was only Alfredo’s but then New York Burger arrived after its owners had gone to the United States and learnt how to cook with barbecue and smoke. The result was, and still is, excellent.
  5. Five Guys. The favourite burger joint of Barack Obama and now of many locals too. They have restaurants on Gran Vía, in Plaza Mayor and in the new shopping centre next to Madrid Río. You have to try it because it must be special if the Nobel Peace Prize winner has it as one of his preferred places to eat.
  6. Bentley’s. They say you shouldn’t play with food but on its walls you can see photographs of people who have come here and eaten burgers of 1 kg. and even 2 kg. here. Located opposite El Retiro.
  7. Tommy Mel’s. You will feel like the star of Grease when you enter this restaurant. You will even want to order a strawberry milkshake and throw it in someone’s face, like Rizzo did to Kenickie (in fact, Rizzo was her surname, her actual name was Betty). Tommy Mel’s or Peggy Sue’s are both responsible of this revolution which seems will never end.
  8. La Canadiense. You have probably walked past it many times. It is located after Glorieta de Quevedo, on Calle Carranza. Come inside and try the Vancouver burger, made with beef, rocket, mushrooms, provolone and truffle.

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