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The best cold soups in Madrid

By | 30 May, 2018 | 0 comments

Summer heat is overwhelming but it also awakens the yearning for cold soups such as salmorejo, ajoblanco and vichyssoise among others, which are not bad options at all. If you want to try a good salmorejo, a traditional soup from Córdoba, we recommend that you do so at Restaurante Ponzano, which makes a rose-coloured version of it sometimes adding tuna, soybean sprouts and other surprises. You can order it at the bar for the excellent price of 5 euros alongside other delicious options such as deep-fried artichoke hearts or natural deep-fried piparras (Basque chilli beans). To complete the picture, check out La Croquetta, a restaurant that, as its name states, is able to find almost anything, including this delicious cold soup. Make sure you try its classic salmorejo for 5.70 euros a bowl.

If you want to try a memorable gazpacho and are ready to pay a good price for it, check out the one served at Viridiana, a transgressive recipe created by chef Abraham García who even admits adding ketchup to it. The result is more jelly-like than liquid, so perhaps that has something to do with it. This year, the restaurant celebrates its 40th anniversary, yet another excuse to check out one of the most emblematic eateries in the Spanish capital.

It is also important not to forget about ajoblanco, a delicious, rich, nutritious and even addictive soup which you have to try during your stay. The Andalusian restaurant La Malaje makes an excellent one, a tribute to the ajoblanco prepared at the classic restaurant Casa Antonio in Jaén. Another place to sample it is La Conservera, which is on Calle Mayor, 49, opposite San Miguel Market, where they prepare it with mussels in brine. Simply delicious! The ideal starter to precede other summer dishes such as razor-clam ceviche or diced bonito.

What about vichyssoise? We recommend this classic soup’s preparation at the century-old restaurant Lhardy, where they also add a touch of apple. Another place to try it is at Diurno, with a more ‘gentrified’ atmosphere in the heart of Chueca, where they add bacon and croutons to this delicious white cream soup.

Bon appétit!

Salmorejo 'tuneado'

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