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Algunos de los mejores restaurantes de Madrid

By | 15 March, 2016 | 0 comments

Time Out magazine elaborated a list with what they think are the 100 best restaurants in Madrid. It’s a useful list to have since it’s divided in sections, which saves us from the horror vacui feeling of “where shall we go for dinner?” in a city where there are so many options.

The list is divided in ‘Top 10’ sections: Asian, Latin American, Signature, Traditional, Regional and Fresh-produce. In the first section we can find restaurants such as DiverXO (Calle Padre Damián, 23), the most popular fusion-cuisine restaurant in Madrid owned by the charismatic chef David Muñoz, a winner of no fewer than three Michelin stars.

Take into account that its prices match its status, at approximately 200 euros per person. Also on this list is Sudestada (Calle Ponzano, 85), an option that will delight all Asian food lovers and whose prices are lower than those at DiverXO, at approximately 60 euros per person. Try dishes such as the duck with peas and turnips or the sour crab soup, a mixture of exotic and spiced flavours not suitable for people with a narrow mind. As a bonus, you can have a beer or a drink before dinner in the bars on Calle Ponzano. We recommend Fide, at number 8, a traditional bar that serves excellent beers.

Latin-American cuisine, which took its time to insert itself in the city’s gastronomic circles despite its cultural proximity, is now one of the most popular options in Madrid. For this section, Time Out selected restaurants like Punto MX (Calle General Pardiñas), a Mexican restaurant without the sombreros and mariachis that combines tradition and avant-garde. However, note that its Michelin star tells us it’s not a cheap option. Check its menu to see the prices and its specialities.

All that’s left now is for you to choose your favourite!

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