Un paseo por el Madrid de los Reyes

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Puerta de Alcalá

Madrid is a great city with a long history where kings and queens played an important role. If we start our walk just outside the Hotel Puerta de Toledo, in the square of the same name “Puerta de Toledo”, we can start by admiring the big gate or door “Puerta”. This magnificent triumph arc was built in honour of the king Fernando VII, to commemorate his return from exile. It was designed by Antonio López Aguado, a neoclassical architect from the 18th-19th century. One of his works is the palace that is home to theThyssen Museum in Paseo del Prado in Madrid.

The Central Fish Market in Puerta de Toledo was considered the largest in Spain,due to the volume of fish sold daily. This market, located initially in the market for Mostenses was firstly an old slaughterhouse. However, given the inadequacy of facilities, between 1931 and1934 Javier Ferrero designed the new Central Fish Market that would then occupy the area of the slaughter house in Puerta de Toledo. In 1982, after almost 50 years of existence, the fish market moved to the Madrid trading central market: Mercamadrid. The old facilities in Puerta de Toledo were were transformed between 1985 and 1988 and it’s now the Puerta de Toledo Shopping Centre.

Following the history of the kings of Spain another big gate or triumph arc is Puerta de Alcalá, built in honour of another king, Carlos III. This gate is situated in Calle de Alcalá, not far from Puerta del Sol and it starts in Plaza de la Cibeles, where we can admire the fantastic Telecommunications Palace or “correos” (the Post Office) as is known by everybody. Turning into Paseo del Prado, you can take a walk down the museum route and visit the Thyssen or Museo del Prado.

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