Traditional restaurants whose name starts with ‘Casa’

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The proliferation of the so-called “square-dish bars”, fancy places with goat cheese salads and caramelised onion, have become a threat to other traditional restaurants whose charm still resists modernity in the Spanish capital. This is a good thing, since their old charm is not something they have achieved in just a couple of days with a few tips from a gastronomic guru. These restaurants feel like home, especially since their name begins with the Spanish word for home, casa.

One of them is Casa Ciriaco, where the prestigious journalist Julio Camba used to host his gatherings. He even managed to get a dish named after him, the scrambled potatoes (revuelto de patatas), in a restaurant whose emblem was designed by the famous cartoonist, journalist and writer Antonio Mingote. Waiters here wear a white jacket and serve traditional food that includes excellent and juicy meat dishes, such as chicken pepitoria. This restaurant, located on number 84 of Calle Mayor, is also famous because the bomb that tried to kill King Alfonso XIII in May 1906 was thrown from the balconies above the entrance. Yes, this is also part of Madrid’s Centenary restaurants that comprise part of the city’s recent history within its four walls.

Another restaurant with a traditional flavour is Casa Perico, where a Spanish rhyme tells you that “everything you eat and drink here is delicious”. Located on a quiet street behind Gran Vía (Calle Ballesta, 18), this restaurant of over 70 years of history owes its success to its stews and soups, ideal for winter. Every day they make a special hot dish that is an ode to traditional cuisine made with care. On Mondays, cocido; on Tuesdays, white-bean stew; on Wednesday, lentil stew… and so on. Don’t miss out on their menu for 30 euros, which includes no fewer than eight dishes, dessert, drinks and coffee. Eat like a king or a queen.

Those who would like to try a good cocido, Casa Jacinto (Calle del Reloj, 20) is a great place to do so. This restaurant offers excellent value for money in what is a traditional local eatery with old-school waiters and a friendly service. Don’t miss out on their Christmas menus.


Buenos cocidos

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