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CentroCentro, a space that offers everything

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First of all, as its very name indicates, it is not exactly located in the outskirts, but at number 1, Plaza de Cibeles, on the “paseo del arte” art route. This space is located inside the Palacio de las Comunicaciones, Madrid’s City Hall and perhaps the most famous building by Madrid’s most outstanding architect, Antonio Palacios. This work was the one that made his name (join one of the guided tours around his creation) and now houses this cultural and leisure space, called CentroCentro.

Its foyer is well worth a visit, with its interactive screens and a spacious hall with WiFi, newspapers and large windows so you can enjoy the view of the Cibeles fountain named after the goddess Cybele. A pleasure for the eyes that can also be combined with the culinary pleasures of the building’s various options for eating and drinking:  Palacio Cibeles, with its cocido cibelino menu every Thursday (6th floor), Colección Cibeles (2nd floor) and Terraza Cibeles, the top-floor cocktail bar with its impressive views. More information here.

Don’t miss its interesting exhibitions, such as ‘Animal Collective: New initiatives in the European comic’, which offers a look at the latest trends in this form of expression. Kutikuti, El joven Marco Polo and the lively series by Pepa Prieto are just some of the material on show. ‘Architecture hub, city and thought: visible city’ is an exhibition about maps and urban contexts which could have been inspired by the writer Michel Houellebecq and his novel ‘The Map and the Territory’. This show lets you see the city from another, almost anatomical, point of view. Discover the face of the city and its secret workings. Until 8 January.

Look out, too, for the musical performances, including the Natasha Barret concert on 21 December, with all the force of her innovative electroacoustic style, which features experimental aspects such as computer improvisation.

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