¿Ostras en Madrid? Es posible

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ostras madridSome say that only places by the sea are the right places to eat fresh fish and seafood. However, they ignore an invention called MercaMadrid and logistic services that are increasing in speed and efficiency. These are responsible for the existence of places like Orio, where oysters are the stars on the menu, with the permission from the Basque-style pintxos. Located on Calle Fuencarral, 49, it is a modern and large restaurant that has a sister restaurant on Plaza Mayor, 8. Prices are somewhat high so don’t go crazy with what you order, although you should treat yourself to the Archacon oysters, with prices that range from 2 to 6 euros per unit.

Write down this other restaurant in your oyster route: Ostradivarius. This ingenious name for an oyster bar can be found on Calle Goya, 82, and here you can enjoy this delicacy without emptying your bank account. They have packs of 2 oysters + a drink for just 3 euros, as well as other options that are just as appetizing as oysters, such as grilled octopus, its true speciality and one that enjoys an excellent reputation.

At the Daniel Sorlut oyster bar, you can also enjoy this delicious seafood, located inside San Miguel market. They serve French oysters with the guarantee of the Daniel Sorlut brand, which has been dedicated to this product for over 20 years and has cultivated their own variety, the ‘Daniel Sorlut speciality’. Since 2009, they have a presence in Spain, their first point of sale in San Miguel market, next to Plaza Mayor and very close to La Latina.

As well as their speciality, they also have others such as the Fine de Claire Label Rouge, a red label for a superior gastronomic experience. It goes to perfection with a chilled dry white wine or, if the occasion is deserving of it, a glass of champagne. French, of course.

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