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One place, one speciality

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There are bars and restaurants which use a single product as bait to attract clients, a technique as valid as any other. La Anchoíta (Calle Jesús 4, in the Antón Martín district) serves delicious Cantabrian butterflied anchovies with toast and tomato. The restaurant is surrounded by other traditional ones, like Los Gatos at number 2, which is some sort of museum of local essences presided by a figure of the honourable King Charles III.

Gallinejas y entresijos. The place is, as its name says and without trying to be original, a fryer of gallinejas (chicken tripe), perhaps the city’s most traditional and authentic since 1955. Don’t expect any sophistications because here you can only eat traditional food, authentic offal, mostly lamb-based. Find it on Calle Embajadores, 84.

Los Caracoles, on Calle Toledo, 106, also give away their speciality. Yes, this greasy and endearing bar’s speciality is snails, having served them for over 100 years. Here, they go straight from the pot to the casserole with a slightly spicy touch thanks to the added choricero pepper.

If you like croquettes, drop by Casa Julio, the home of croquettes in Malasaña, serving delights which combine a mixture of cheeses, spinach and raisins. Its clients include the members of U2, who stopped by for some croquettes and a photo session and also contributed to increase the legend of this pleasant restaurant. Get your croquettes at Calle de la Madera, 37.

Lastly, whether it’s for its speciality -deep-fried cod strips without bones- or its history, Casa Labra is another place worth visiting. Founded no fewer than 157 years ago, the place is known especially for being where Pablo Iglesias founded the Spanish Socialist Party in 1879. Located behind Puerta del Sol, this restaurant is very busy but you can still get served some delicious cod and a beer without waiting too much thanks to the quickness and experience of its waiters. Furthermore, the prices are more than reasonable.


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