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Musicals, the show which never stops

By | 3 October, 2017 | 0 comments

Gran Vía is alive like never before, with a varied and tempting programme dedicated to musicals. However, this genre doesn’t just keep to Gran Vía but is also spread all over the city in other theatres. To classics of the genre such as The Lion King, for which you have to buy a ticket months in advance, we have to add other new shows like The Bodyguard or The Addams Family.

These are adaptations of some of our favourite films. The Addams Family was a classic shown on Spanish children’s programme La Bola de Cristal, about a family which balances itself between horrific and friendly based on the legendary The Munsters. Their musical can be seen from October 5 until March 25 at Teatro Calderón (Calle Atocha, 18), with tickets starting at 13.80 euros. As well as having great actors in the cast such as the famous Carmen Conesa, its most spectacular features are its mise-en-scène, the quality of the songs and the fantastic job carried out by the actors for two and a half hours with a break in the middle. Entertaining and suitable for the whole family.

For a more romantic show, go and see ‘The Bodyguard, which includes all the greatest hits from that film starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. With tickets starting at 22 euros, this show is full of choreographies, special effects and a stellar Fela Domínguez in the role that Whitney Houston played. Domínguez has received many plaudits and got wonderful reviews thanks to her fantastic stage performance and the similarity of her voice with that of the late American singer.

If you want to watch a show with your children, Teatro Maravillas, in Malasaña, has Peter Pan The Musical on, with mid-afternoon sessions (4.30 p.m.) which are ideal for a great family plan. The musical is a trip back to your childhood from where adults don’t have to leave and where children will encounter a fascinating world. Tickets start at 14 euros.

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