Torre Caleido, the fifth tower

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At the end of June, a memorial concert was held in tribute to everyone who has sadly passed away due to COVID-19. But it wasn’t a concert like we’re used to, as the new normal has also transformed this. The chosen setting was the Torre de Cristal, giving even more meaning to the saying ‘From Madrid to Heaven’.

torre-caleido-grafico-U101086886248yD--620x349@abcThe Torre de Cristal is one of the cluster of skyscrapers that shot up between 2008 and 2009 and are now the tallest buildings in the city and even the whole of the country. This tower has fifty-two floors, all offices, and is the second highest in Spain.

In the top twenty of skyscrapers in Spain, Madrid holds first place with the Torre Cepsa, second with the Torre de Cristal, third with the Torre PWC, fourth with the Torre Espacio and eleventh with the oldest and the predecessor of all the others, the Torre Picasso.

However, another skyscraper entered the list at number seven in the last year. It’s already colloquially known as the fifth tower,

but its actual name is the Torre Caleido and it’s earmarked to become a major venue for innovation and culture located around the building.

The 165-metre, 36-storey building will be occupied by the IE Business School, thus creating the first high-rise campus in the country. Meanwhile, the lower floors will house a cutting-edge Quirón Salud healthcare centre.

Caleido is a very interesting option, as it will be surrounded by restaurants, shops and spaces for concerts and other events. In short, it’s a firm commitment to integrating knowledge, science and education with culture, leisure and entertainment, taking on an unprecedented role in the city of Madrid.

(Photo taken from ABC )

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