The show must go on: Teatro Real reopens its doors and Almagro and Mérida go ahead

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This month has kicked off with the reopening of the Teatro Real in Madrid, with the premiere of a semi-staged version of La Traviata, running all month


July has kicked off with an event that was welcomed with great expectation and enthusiasm. We’re talking about the reopening of the Teatro Real in Madrid, with the premiere of a semi-staged version of La Traviata, which will be running for the whole of July.

The world of culture and entertainment has been the hardest hit by coronavirus. Cinemas were closed, all concerts and festivals were cancelled, and theatres shut their doors.

Now, ever so slowly, some artists are stepping out on tour again or playing concerts, many of them in the open air to quell any concerns of audience members.

The show must go on, as they say in the entertainment world, and a prime example of this is that the famous Mérida Classic Theatre Festival, held just over three hours away from Madrid, will be staging its sixty-sixth edition in spite of coronavirus. That said, it will be doing so in a whittled-down version that will run from 22 July to 23 August. The main advantage of this major theatre festival is that it’s all held outdoors and has a wide range of venues.

What’s more, the Almagro Classical Theatre festival, another classic cultural event of the summer, is being held between 14 and 26 July, just two hours away from the capital of Spain. There are still a few loose ends to be tied up, but in principle it will also be held in a whittled-down version and will feature online shows for children.

Here in Madrid, the Teatro Real has played host to its first function with the new safety protocols, not just on the stage and at the ticket office, but also throughout the building, all with the aim of guaranteeing safety for theatregoers keen to enjoy their passion again.

It’s expected to return to 100% by September, and up to seven new productions will be premiered throughout the season.

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