Coffee with a cat? In Madrid you can do that

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Animals are also becoming increasingly more visible in our daily lives. Over recent years they have also acquired their own “citizens’ rights” and can now travel on public transport with their owners. Obviously they have to stick to a few rules to make sure they don’t annoy other travellers. Travelling in the last coach on the metro or having to wear a muzzle are some of Gatotecathe requirements owners try hard to comply with so that they can also use the metro network without annoying other travellers.

It’s normally dogs that people take on public transport with them, although other pets are also allowed in their respective cages.

In general, you will almost always see someone walking their dog in any neighbourhood in Madrid. And that’s why more and more bars, restaurants and small shops are beginning to admit pets.

This growing revolution is being led by cats at the Gatoteca on Argumosa Street and also in another café that has opened in its wake in Alcalá de Henares, the Polineko.

Although it seems strange, in Japan people have been able to enjoy a cup of coffee – or tea – with cats since the turn of the millennium, and they have become increasingly popular in the country. In Madrid, both venues are non-profit organisations that take care of the upkeep of the cafés and explaining the rules to customers.

The Gatoteca has been open since 2013. Due to its location in Argumosa Street and a large number of passers-by thanks to the proximity to Atocha and Lavapiés, this small café is becoming more and more popular. Polineko opened in 2017, led by two Japanese brothers who also sell other Japanese products to customers.

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