Some of the best ice creams in Madrid

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The summer is so hot that anyone that visits the city has to constantly cool off with a cold drink or an ice cream to combat the high temperatures and heat waves.

This post list some of the best ice cream parlours in the city, suggesting 7 of them as places to visit every day of the week and cool off during your stay in Madrid:

  1. Giuseppe Rici in Huertas aims not to deprive anyone of a chance to taste their ice cream. With typical Italian flair, these soy-based ice creams delight even the most experienced and discerning travellers.
  2. Sani Sapori in Lavapies. Open since 2006, this is run by an Italian ice cream maker from Sicily who decided to learn how to make ice cream as he could never find anything as good as the ice cream from his native land. Thus, the adventure began and his ice cream parlour has now become one of the most popular in Lavapiés and the centre of Madrid.
  3. Napoli in Ciudad de Barcelona. Among the normal traditional flavours, there are a few hidden surprises that don’t even sound like dessert. Who would say no to a fabada ice cream in the middle of August? This is just one of the very original flavours to be found here.
  4. Lolo in Malasaña, Espiritu Santo Street. We don’t know who started the ice cream revolution, but this place continues to conquer fans of healthy, natural eating. Founded by two sisters from Tanzania, their lollipops can sometimes contain more than 75% fresh fruit.
  5. La Pecera in Goya. Besides being extremely tasty, they are also very beautiful, photogenic and original. This is their second parlour, after the first very successful store in the heart of Malasaña. It must not be missed.
  6. Poppota in the same area, specifically in Carranza Street. If you have a sweet tooth, you must not miss the wonderful croissant ice cream.
  7. Mistura. One on Goya Street and the other in the Plaza Mayor. Popular and famous for their creaminess and for a great choice of sorbets.

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