Sunday plans for this early spring

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Although the latest squalls have been slightly off-putting and have made many people pull out the gloves and scarves they didn’t think they’d need until next winter, temperatures are expected to rise and going out will soon be on everyone’s to-do list again.

Below is a list of outdoor plans for a fun, different Sunday:

  1. Walk by the almond trees in bloom on Quinta de los Molinos. You don’t even have to leave the city to see this wonder of nature, but it’s always well worth paying a visit to the Valle de Jerte to see its many almond trees in bloom. This natural spectacle is expected to happen in late March. This large park by the Suanzes metro station is the perfect place for strolling and enjoying a picnic under the almond trees. Many started blooming in late February. Do your research before you set out to make sure you catch them at the height of their
  2. Visit Buitrago de Lozoya. Like its beautiful lake, this picturesque town is quite pleasant. You can visit the Iglesia de las Angustias (“Church of Sorrows”) and climb the old city wall to see the ancient weapons that are wonderfully preserved on top of them. If you are planning to eat out, remember to book or you will have to wait until 16:00 in most restaurants.
  3. Row a boat in El Retiro This is one of those things you must do at least once in a lifetime. To row a boat in the lake of El Retiro is beautiful, bucolic… and romantic. And you can also eat in one of the many trendy restaurants that surround the area.
  4. Visit El Rastro This is the perfect plan for a Sunday. Here and in the many nearby antiquities shops you can find everything and more. Taking a stroll around El Rastro followed by a little something to eat in La Latina is the best possible plan, and if you can eat outdoors, even better.

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