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The most highly recommended places for a great cocido madrileño

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If one dish in Madrid has achieved enormous success, it’s the cocido madrileño. Together with callos, they are probably the two most typical dishes in the city. We’ll talk about callos another time because, even though it’s not necessarily a summer dish, it’s not so strongly tied to winter as cocido.

Yes, cocido is often eaten when the cold weather arrives, because the soup, chickpeas, bacon or chorizo fill the belly and warm you from the inside. It’s a simple recipe to make and it is often made in autumn when getting together with friends and family.

For those who prefer not to cook it at home, you can always visit one of the many restaurants in Madrid famed for this dish. These are just a few.Cocido

  1. La Bola. This is definitely one of the most famous, both for its delicious cocido and its apple fritters. This restaurant has been open since 1870 and has continued with the same tradition and spirit since its foundation.
  2. La Taberna de la Daniela. This venue has had so much success that there are now several across the city. One of the best can be found close to the Basilica of Jesus de Medinaceli. Take a stroll through Huertas, visit a church with one of the most important images of Christ in the city and enjoy a cocido in La Daniela. It’s the perfect itinerary for a day out.
  3. Malacatín. Also of great reputation, this restaurant in the heart of Madrid has passed down its cocido recipe over four generations and is so popular that it has a long waiting list. Their cocido is delicious and filling, make sure you are hungry!
  4. Cruz Blanca de Vallecas. In one of Madrid’s most well-known working-class neighbourhoods, this cocido has won many awards and has brought people from all over the world to Vallecas to sample this traditional dish.

(Photo taken from the Malacatín website)

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