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From Joaquín Sabina and Serrat to Extremoduro

By | 8 January, 2020 | 0 comments

Shortly before the national lottery, the legendary band Extremoduro announced they were splitting up after a very long career. Songs like So Payaso or Salir have accompanied an entire generation (even more than one) through endless nights in the 1990’s.

But the next day their fans received their consolation prize: the farewell tour. Of course, Extremoduro will perform in Madrid’s Rivas Vaciamadrid in mid-June.concert-1149979_1280

2020 is going to be filled with musical novelties. One of this year’s first performances will be that of the historical duo Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat, who will perform on 20 January. Tickets sold out in just a few weeks, so they’ll repeat the performance in the capital sometime in February, filling the old Palacio de los Deportes, now known as the WiZink Center.

Tickets to see Dani Martín also sold out in just a few hours even though his concert won’t take place until October 2020.

Other bands like The Editors or Aerosmith have planned to play in Madrid, and as usual MAD COOL will be the backdrop of this year’s big event, where we’ll be able to see famous artists such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish or The Killers.

Madrid is a stage visited by countless artists every month, even though Alejandro Sanz won’t be performing in the city in 2020. But fans can see his concerts this year in Zaragoza or Cádiz.

In any case, although by now this year’s musical panorama is almost fully sketched out, over the next few months we’ll hear about many more national and international performers who will come make Madrid vibrate to the sound of their songs.

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