The best croissants in Madrid

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The croissant is one of the most traditional sweets to accompany any breakfast or snack. Although its popularity is rooted in our neighbouring country, it’s widely consumed in Spain, either on its own or paired with something.

Depending on which recipes you try, its flavour delights the palate, and it becomes an exquisite delicacy. We wanted to pay homage to this half-moon pastry by identifying the bakeries that offer the best ones in Madrid:

  1. Manolo Bakes. ‘Manolitos’ have recently become very popular. These sweet little croissants have made a big splash, so much so that it hasn’t taken long for imitators to emerge. There are many bakeries selling them throughout Madrid: in Calle Princesa, in Conde de Peñalver and in Plaza de Santa Bárbara.
  2. Atuel. This Argentine bakery has also grown considerably in recent years. Their croissants are light and fluffy. You can try them in Calle de José Ortega y Gasset.
  3. La Duquesita. This bakery is already well known for its chocolate ‘palmeras’, but it’s butter and chocolate croissants aren’t far behind. It’s located in Calle Fernando VI.
  4. Moulin Chocolat. On Calle Alcalá, in the heart of the Salamanca district, you’ll find this gourmet bakery, the sign of which makes it particularly eye-catching. Its croissants—both the double-fermented butter and the chocolate versions—will make you want to come back for more.
  5. Cientotreinta. This bakery won the prize for the best bread in 2020. Located in Chamberí, on Calle Fernando VI, its croissants are one of its biggest draws. They exclusively use sustainable, natural, additive-free products, and they craft each item with care and dedication.

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