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Sunday is the new Thursday in Madrid

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Madrid is a city that never sleeps. It is surprising that, no matter what time it is, there is always something to do, somewhere open, something to eat or drink, especially in the city centre where, over the past few years, activity never stops. Sunday afternoons feel less recession-like due to having to go to work the next day and more like Thursday and the start of the weekend.

If you think that Sundays are boring, you are completely wrong, because if you organise yourself properly, especially nowadays that the weather is so good, you can spend your whole day on the street until dinner time.

You can start the day by visiting the many stalls of the El Rastro street market in Ribera de Curtidores, very close to Puerta de Toledo, going up the neighbourhood of La Latina. If you are looking for something specific, you will definitely find it there because they have absolutely everything. This outdoor street market has clothes, antiques, art and an endless list of curious items and even childhood memories in some second-hand stalls.

Plaza del Cascorro is another of the most important areas of El Rastro, where you can also find bars full of people having their first (or maybe even second) beer of the day.

After going to the market, you need to have an aperitivo (the Spanish word for drinks before lunch) in La Latina. It is a must but don’t lose your mind because it will be full of people doing the same thing. Around El Rastro there are many traditional bars which have been there since forever, but you can also go to Plaza de la Cebada or Plaza de la Paja and find more modern and avant-garde bars and restaurants.

This area also has many cocktail bars where you can finish off the afternoon with good music and get ready for the upcoming day of work. Of course, that only applies to locals. Visitors can continue eating and drinking for as long as they like!

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