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The swimming pools have already opened in Madrid

By | 13 June, 2019 | 0 comments

The feeling that the heat came early and suddenly was shared by many of Madrid’s residents. Fans are already accoutrements that are kept permanently in handbags and the water bottles are travelling colder and colder. Luckily, Madrid’s public swimming pools have already opened.

They did so on 15 May, with a big open day for all those who wanted to cool off before going to the Pradera for the San Isidro festival (or go for a quick dip on the way back). San Isidro fired the starting pistol, with his watery metaphor as always – although this time it was with chlorine and not rain – and the inhabitants of Madrid have already looked out their bathing suits without having time for the hassle of “getting a beach-ready body” first.

Vicente del BosqueBelow we’ll tell you about some of Madrid’s swimming pools where you can swim and have a good time:

  1. Lago. Traditionally this has always been one of the most entertaining pools with a good atmosphere. In addition, it is in the Casa de Campo, in the heart of Madrid’s oasis, which makes the feeling of disconnection almost total.
  2. La Universitaria. As you can guess, this belongs to the University. You have to show a student card to get entry, whether you’re studying in Madrid or elsewhere. Clearly, students also get a discount.
  3. Centro Deportivo Vicente del Bosque. This sports centre in Monforte de Lemos has a large swimming pool, landscaped gardens and facilities for other activities such as football pitches and tennis courts.

These are just a few, but there are many more outdoor municipal swimming pools where you can enjoy a swim and disconnect from the heat of the asphalt, so find your nearest one on the City Council website. Likewise, the areas around Madrid also have their small oases such as the Burguillo reservoir in the province of Ávila or the San Juan reservoir.

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