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From Madrid to heaven…

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And a little hole to see it. This is the saying that serves to define Madrid, although there is little consensus about its origin. The reality is that the sky of Madrid shines with an immense blue that not all the cities of the world can boast. But not only during the day, it also shines at night, with a skyline that takes on more and more strength and identity, especially after the construction of the four towers.

And that night skyline – with lighting that is ever more artistic, simple and elegant – is enjoyed much more if it is with a glass in hand or delighting in a delicious plate of meat or fish on one of the terraces with the best views of the

Next, we’ll talk about some that shouldn’t be missed and contemplate the bustle of the city from above:

  • Nice to meet you, in Plaza de España. This is the restaurant of the modern Dear Hotel. Although the terrace is not very large, the views from inside are really good too, and you can look at Gran Vía or the Palacio de Oriente.
  • Ginkgo. Also in the Plaza de España, right in the centre. With a variety of dishes to suit all tastes, you’ll be able to enjoy a snack while the city carries on below you.
  • Espacio 33. Impossible not to include this. Located on the 33rd floor of Torre Espacio, Madrid will be at your feet while you enjoy a wonderful dinner.
  • La Cocina de San Antón, in the market of San Antón. Day or night, Chueca is always a spectacle, so this terrace always has a lot of atmosphere, whether you’re enjoying drinks or food.
  • Radio, at the Hotel Me in Plaza Santa Ana. One of the terraces that marked the fashion for rooftops in the capital.

There are many more, but those are some to begin with. Enjoy!

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