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Game of Thrones, a must-see exhibition

By | 3 November, 2019 | 0 comments

Game of Thrones has come to Madrid. Last summer, the town of Hawkins from Stranger Things landed in Madrid, and now it’s the turn of HBO’s most successful series, the Game of Thrones.

 game-of-thrones-4180794_1280 Until 24 November, Game of Thrones fans have an appointment at IFEMA, in Espacio 5.1 inside Pavillion 5, the area of the exhibition centre dedicated to entertainment and culture, which has hosted other popular events such as a Banksy exhibition and Jurassic World.

Within the 1,000 m2 of Espacio 5.1, Game of Thrones fans can admire recreations of the series, from the scenery,  transporting fans to the centre of the Seven Kingdoms, to the outfits worn by the leading roles.

And, of course, there is the opportunity to sit on the famous Iron Throne.

It’s an immersive exhibition that gives visitors the chance to interact with different settings from the series.

If the book it was based on won the Locus Award in 1997, turning it into a series has been no less of a success. Game of Thrones has won as many as 47 Emmys, which is the most awards won by one series in history.

For the latest series, HBO briefly stopped being an on-demand television service to return to the traditional way of watching television: wait for the day the episode is released and watch it at the time it is broadcast.

It’s clear that this series was a real a turning point. You only have to think about how much talk was generated about the final episode and all those people who have requested another series, It doesn’t look like that will happen though, but fans can always visit the exhibition and imagine their own new series.

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