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A short guide to Madrid’s bar terraces

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Latineo, terraceo, cañoteo, cubateo, mojiteo… These are just some invented Spanish words which refer to Madrid’s bar terrace culture. They are here to stay, although maybe not forever per se but mainly in essence, because unless there is a tsunami in the Manzanares river, bar terraces in Madrid will remain forever. Plaza del Dos de Mayo is an excellent point to start enjoying the so-called terraceo, the word locals use for bar-terrace hopping. The terraces at Pepe Botella, Maravillas and 2D are excellent options of this local tradition, offering refreshing beers in a pleasant urban setting with a cheeky twist. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the nearby Calle Velarde, which also has many quality fashion and second-hand shops which you are going to love. Other essential spots for terraceo in Malasaña are Plaza de San Ildefonso and Plaza Juan Pujol.

In La Latina, Plaza del Humilladero is a classic with plenty of historical flavour, as are Plaza de la Paja, with the famous mojitos served at Delic; and Calle los Mancebos, which ends in a hidden square in front of Taberna Angosta, which also serves delicious mojitos.

You will get extra terraceo points in another pleasant square: Plaza del Rey, located near Gran Vía and perpendicular to Calle Barquillo, with Taberna Revoltosa as one of its most charming spots, a tavern that offers a very interesting tapas menu.

Without leaving the city centre we come across another charming terrace on Plaza Guardia de Corps, next to Centro Conde Duque, a cultural centre well worth visiting thanks to the contents inside. From May 3-30 it presents LaborArte, a multidisciplinary festival with plenty of activities which you cannot afford to miss, such as the talk by the prestigious folklore expert Joaquín Díaz about The Work Songs. Not everything should just be about sitting on a terrace eating and drinking, right? Or perhaps it should, but it never hurts to add some culture to it.

Bares de la Latina

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