Cultural centres and museums in Madrid you didn’t know about

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There is much more to Madrid’s cultural programme than the Prado and Reina Sofía museums. There are many small cultural spaces which are not as well known but are still attractive and, in most cases, free to visit. One of them is Centro Conde Duque, a spectacular military building turned into a cultural temple, regularly hosting concerts, exhibitions and its famous Urban Beach in summer. It is currently hosting an exhibition you shouldn’t miss: LaborArte, a multidisciplinary initiative which revolves around the world of work and the conquests carried out in this field. You can visit it from the 3rd to the 30th of May.

You should also write down the History Museum of Madrid to the “alternative” cultural route, inside of which is a stunning scale model of Nineteenth-century Madrid as well as different exhibitions related to the city’s history, such as the recent one about King Charles III. Another interesting place is the Naval Museum, which is currently hosting an exhibition about the Royal Marine Guard Company to commemorate the 300th anniversary of its foundation, a school whose first academy appeared in the city of Cádiz.

Also relatively unknown is the Cerralbo Museum, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and well worth a visit for, among other things, the house museum it has inside, a fantastic example of luxury and Baroque art that will probably end up upsetting minimalism lovers. The museum includes items and works of art which belonged to its previous owner, Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa (d. 1922), also known as the Marquis of Cerralbo.

Not far from there, on Calle Amaniel, is MuseoABC, a museum dedicated to illustration art. Don’t miss out on its three current temporary exhibitions, such as ‘Drawing on the other side’ by the famous illustrator Ana Juan, who thanks to its interactive format allows visitors to discover the artist’s creative process. You should also check out her other work, ‘Erthaland, Snowhite’s Mystery Tale’, a graphic adventure that will undoubtedly get people talking and of which we can already see its first chapter.

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