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Madrid’s drive-in cinema

By | 2 June, 2020 | 0 comments

Since March the city has been slowly coming back to life, as bars have opened their shutters again and the terraces have filled up with people. Certain places, though, like cinemas, theatres and museums, the recovery will be a slow one – there’s still a lot of fear of the virus, so these places are still struggling to make ends meet.Autocine

Among all this, at a difficult time for the whole world of culture and entertainment, one business that has had a boost is the drive-in cinema. Everyone more or less remembers the scene in Grease or any American film from the Eighties where the protagonists went to watch a movie from their own car.

Although the drive-in cinema arrived in Madrid three years ago, the coronavirus has given it a big boost thanks to its winning combination of entertainment, safety and novelty, all brought together across 25,000 square metres and with 100 cars in order to respect capacity limits. There’s also a hammock area for anyone who prefers to get out of the car.

Before Madrid had even moved into the first phase of Spain’s lockdown exit strategy, all the tickets had already sold out for the first film that was to be screened in mid-May which, of course, was Grease. It couldn’t have been anything else.

The listings for the month of June were filled with classic films, including Grease again – it’ll forever be a drive-in cinema classic – The Goonies, La la Land, Mamma Mia and Ghostbusters.

As well as the drive-in cinema, the space also includes an area to have dinner. You won’t have to worry about anything – just place your order and they bring the food to your car, respecting all safety and hygiene regulations so that all you need to do is tune your car radio to follow the film and enjoy the experience, the classic movie and your company.

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