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The TV cooking show fever is still ongoing, although the pleasure of cooking has always existed. The more you know, the more you enjoy it, which is another reason to go to cooking classes for a few hours taught by some of the best cooking teachers in Madrid. Perhaps the most prestigious cooking school is Le Cordon Bleu, where they send many of the participants of the TV programme MasterChef as a reward for having appeared on the show. As well as their long courses for professionals, they offer shorter workshops designed for a single day. They also have different themes such as ‘Seasonal cakes’, ‘Cooking for couples’ and ‘Fresh pasta and its secrets’. Prices are 145€ for a 3-hour session. Quality is not cheap.

Somewhat more affordable and modern is Kitchen Club, which has three schools in Madrid, the most centrally located one being on Calle Ballesta, 8. They offer many different courses which include trendy dishes like ‘Ramen and noodles’ or ‘Nikkei’, which is on hot Japanese food. They also have other classic programmes on Peruvian, Italian or Mexican cuisine that will help you improve your culinary skills. You can also find many references to Indian cuisine here, such as the ‘Curry and tandoori’ which is ideal for lovers of this cuisine. This course and most of the others all cost approximately 70 euros and last for three hours. Best of all, when you have finished the preparation a large table is set up and all participants sample the food whilst enjoying a lively conversation.

However, if you prefer Italian cuisine, the school for you is Accademia del Gusto. Located in the Ríos Rosas area, this school’s course offering is also varied. Some of the programmes are ‘Risotto: understanding rice’ and ‘Desserts: not just tiramisu’. If you love cheese, make sure you take part in some of the courses and blind tastings at Poncelet Cheese Bar.

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