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Chinchón, a charming village you simply must visit

By | 28 March, 2019 | 0 comments

Madrid is a city brimming with life, activities and monuments. Enjoying a stroll through the Retiro Park while admiring the lake and its boats is one of the most relaxing plans for a Saturday in spring.

But not all the area’s charm is confined within the modern part of the city of Madrid. The autonomous community of Madrid is brimming with beauty, even beyond the limits of the city. There are several nearby villages that despite being only a short drive away make one feel far from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

One of such places is Chinchón, a town filled with tradition and cobblestoned streets. Even visiting its main square is bound to make an impression. This multipurpose space transforms into a bullfighting arena when necessary. In fact, the presence of beautiful balconies on all the surrounding buildings is an essential part of its charm.

Many are restaurants, so don’t miss the chance to sit and enjoy a nice serving of lamb and, if you’re travelling with your significant other, make sure you find a table on one of the balconies, even if the square is taken up by the market or children riding donkeys.

Buying some teta de monja (‘nun’s breast’) or bolas de fraile (‘friar’s balls’) is another thing to do, the former being a sort of pastry and the latter, similar to a profiterole. They are the village’s most typical sweets, and they can be eaten as you walk to the Castle, with its grass esplanade, or to the Church, from where you can see the whole town.plaza-mayor

Furthermore, this village is filled with chapels that contain many years of history. Once a month there’s an open weekend when the public is invited to see all these monuments from the inside. If you’re planning a trip to Chinchón, it’s worth doing it on one of those weekends.

(Photo from the Chinchón City Hall tourism website)

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