Four Irish pubs for a pint on Saint Patrick’s Day

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When it comes to celebrations, sometimes origins don’t matter. In Spain, traditions are absorbed in little to no time. A prime example is Halloween, but in this case, given the current date, let’s focus our attention on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, but the migrant nature of this nation has led to his celebration all over the world. In New York, the celebration is so beloved, the rivers and fountains are tinted green.

The celebration was not always a festive occasion, as it was celebrated during Lent, but the Catholic Church is said to have once encouraged the population to take a break from fasting and practicing abstinence for a day and Saint Patrick’s Day has never been the same again.

Madrid is now an active part of this story, as on this day all (or practically all) of the city’s Irish pubs sport green and serve more pints than ever. Here are a few examples:


  1. The James Joyce: Located on Alcalá Street, virtually opposite the City Hall. This pub has existed for a while now, becoming an essential part of the city. Here you can watch concerts and football games, and their pints are what best defines the venue.
  2. O’ Conells: This one is on Espoz y Mina Street, right in the heart of the city, which is why it is always full of people looking to enjoy a nice chilled beer alongside some of their homecooked dishes.
  3. The Irish Rover: A bit further from the centre, but near the Bernabéu stadium, this mythical pub on Brasil Avenue offers a wide range of live performances and a nice terrace.
  4. La fontanilla: A few metres from the Cava Baja and the Plaza Mayor, this Irish pub is unlike any other. Decorated with different shades of red, this little establishment offers a cosy, almost romantic atmosphere.

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