Some of the best torrijas in Madrid

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Holy Week is the torrija’s most popular week and the week in which it’s consumed the most in the entire year. In the past, it was eaten to get people ready for Lent and it has been a staple dessert and snack in many houses, especially those of our grandparents, who are the ones who keep these traditions alive by passing the recipe from generation to generation.

The devotion to this dessert is so strong that in many municipalities of the Community of Madrid and in metropolitan Madrid, torrija competitions are held in search of the most exquisite versions. At the end of March, a competition was held at the Centro de Innovación Gastronómica (Gastronomic Innovation Centre) in Platea, organised by ASEMPAS (the Madrid Association of Artisan Pastry Businesses).

But what are they made of? It’s one of the easiest desserts to make because all you have to do is boil milk with cinnamon and lemon peel, soak the bread after letting it rest for a bit, and then coat it in egg and fry it or put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

But for those who don’t want to experiment and for those who are passing through Madrid and don’t have a kitchen and don’t want to leave without trying this typical Holy Week dish, we’ll provide you with a small list of renowned establishments where you can try some of the best torrijas in the city:


  1. Manacor: The winner of the competition held in Platea. This bakery, previously known as Cala Millor, has different locations in various municipalities of north-east Madrid such as Pozuelo, Las Rozas and Majadahonda.
  2. Viena Capellanes: Another competition winner with locations in different parts of Madrid.
  3. Nunos: Located on Calle Nárvaez street, this innovative bakery uses different flavours to accompany the torrijas such as dulce de leche and apple. ASEMPAS has also recommended it.
  4. Mifer: Its tradition in the art of this dessert is also valued. It’s located on Calle Virgen del Coro, very close to Ventas.
  5. Horno Castellano: It has been in operation since 1931 in Vallecas creating delicacies that haven’t lost their flavour over the years.
  6. Cármine: On Calle Santa Engracia, their torrijas rival their natural fruit juices in their store where sweet lovers can be found.

There are more bakeries that have won in the innovation category and there are others whose torrijas are also worthy of winning it but they haven’t entered the competition. This Holy Week, it’s good to start with these ones.

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