Hotel Puerta de Toledo

Restaurantes y cafés cercanos a la Puerta de Toledo

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Hotel Puerta de Toledo is really well situated for restaurants and cafés in the centre of Madrid. Not far from Puerta de Toledo, you will find a small gem of Spanish cuisine, it is Campiello a restaurant specialised in Asturian cuisine. Asturias is a region from the north of Spain, where meat and cider have an important place on the table of every family.

Campiello is situated in Calle Toledo, 122, named after a village in the region of Asturias, this restaurant is a real home from home for Asturian food. Their fish and meat menu is very varied and delicious, but what really excels of its cuisine is the Fabada Asturiana, a traditional Asturian stew made with broad beans and chorizo.

Another restaurant with an Asturian connection is Taberna Oliveiros, not far from Campiello, in Calle San Millán 4. This popular tavern was opened in 1857 by a family from Asturias, it is in one of the main streets of the Madrid Sunday street market, el Rastro. It was very popular among the traders and clients of el Rastro, and it still has its good name of serving good and cheap food. Even if you don’t eat in this tavern, it is always a good idea to come and see its outside, it is covered with tiles and wood and it makes for a beautiful holiday snap.

The decor inside is as striking as the outside as they have managed to maintain the old style with old radios and original features. There is a small restaurant that is in what used to be the cave below the main restaurant.

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