Si te gusta lo vintage, amarás el Rastro

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Día de Rastro en Madrid, por Juan Antonio Flores

Velvet books, old radios, stamps, classic furniture that has seen better days… if you are into antiques and you fancy yourself as a bargain hunter, you cannot miss out on the chance to spend a Sunday morning at El Rastro.

Also, it is just 5 minutes away from our hotel, so laziness or lack of time are not good enough excuses. Here you will find all types of second-hand objects and also other new items at budget prices, such as clothes, accessories and crafts.


Libros antiguos en el Rastro, de Hans Dinkelberg

Going around the corner, a stall can surprise you with an old armchair with its upholstery almost intact; a mirror with a Baroque frame that could be used for a few more years or even an old record player from the 20s.

Book lovers will also leave Plaza del Cascorro and its surrounding area with a smile on their faces, having found romantic novels with worn spines, facsimile editions of illustrated botanical books…


Juguetes antiguos en el Rastro, de Alex Pascual

Another wonder that we can find at El Rastro are old games. Small planes and tin cars, delicate dolls that have resisted the passing of time… Collectors can also come to El Rastro to complete their card and sticker collections.


De tapas en el Rastro, por Delaina Haslam

After having inspecting most of the 3500 stalls of this outdoor market, we will be tired and will need to recharge our batteries. Tradition says that you need to go to one of the many bars or taverns in the area for a beer and a tapa. Tapas are small portions of food that bars serve with drinks and that are usually Spanish ham, potato salad, fried squid, olives, crisps, croquettes or anchovies, like in the photo.

A perfect end to a unique experience.

Photos | Juan Antonio Flores, Alex Pascual, Hans Dinkelberg, Delaina Haslam

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