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Consejos para vivir las fiestas de La Paloma como un auténtico madrileño

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If you come to Madrid in mid-August you are in luck because you will be able to enjoy the most traditional and typical side of the city with La Paloma Festival, even more so if you stay in our hotel, which is located less than a mile away from the centre of the party.

Coinciding with the festival of the Virgin of August, which takes place on the 15th of August in many European cities and towns, Madrid celebrates the Virgin of La Paloma, a Marian devotion that Madrid has been loyal to since the 18th century.

In this city we say: “If you come to Madrid, you are from Madrid”. On these days you have the chance to blend in with the locals and experience like a true madrileño: here are some tips on how to do so.


The chotis is Madrid’s local dance and one of the few in the world where the woman takes the lead! Yes, the man stays on his feet looking dashing while the lady steps around him, making him turn 360º.

The best chotis dancers are those who manage to turn without stepping out of line. A trick is that some of them put soap on the soles of their shoes to slide better.


The flamenco dresses, those cheerful dresses with spots and large skirts are the most famous ones in Spain. However, this flamenco attire is not appropriate for Castilian festivals.

During this time of year, the ladies of Madrid dress as a chulapa, also with some spots (smaller than flamenco dresses) but with a mermaid-style skirt and Manila shawls. The goyesca dress is also a regional dress from the 18th and 19th centuries and it receives this name for having been portrayed many times in the works by the famous painter Francisco de Goya.


Finding a traditional dress to wear can be complicated but the ladies can get into the festive spirit by wearing a carnation in their hear, adjusting it with a white handkerchief. The men can also adapt their attire by wearing a flat cap, the traditional chulapa headwear.


During the festival of La Paloma, a huge festival is set up, a fair with rides, games and food stalls. Here we can sample some of the traditional foods, both sweet (wafers, doughnuts and churros) and savoury (pork entresijos, callos).


Let’s leave the most important for the end: where to go and find the party. The celebrations of La Paloma take place in the gardens of Las Vistillas (taking the metro to Opera, crossing the Plaza de Oriente and carrying on through Calle Bailén and Viaducto to Calle Segovia), Plaza de la Paja, Plaza de la Cebada, Puerta de Moros and the Basilica of San Francisco.

Do not let anyone tell you that Madrid is boring in August. Make the most of some of the special offers from our hotel to come and enjoy some of the best festivals in the city. And remember that you can only find these special offers on our official website and in no other Internet website.

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