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El Tren de la Fresa, viaje al pasado

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Cartel_Tren_FresaAranjuez’s old town and its monuments, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is just 30 miles from Madrid and, since 1851, linked to the Spanish capital by a railway known as the Strawberry Train (El Tren de la Fresa), the second railway line that existed in Spain and a symbol of the arrival of industrialisation.

As a tribute to this landmark of Spanish progress, the Railway Museum (Museo del Ferrocarril) restored the route in 1984 and today you can enjoy the trip in a train just like it was back then as part of an unforgettable excursion. The train itself is made up of an engine and a coach from the 1960s and four wooden coaches from the early 20th century. During the trip, which lasts approximately 60 minutes, passengers can enjoy the famous strawberries of Aranjuez, offered to them by the hostesses who are also dressed in old costumes.

Once you have reached the destination, a bus takes you to Aranjuez’s old town and monuments, where you can enjoy a guided tour around the Royal palace, located between the Jarama and Tajo rivers, surrounded by gardens that reminisce of Versailles. The excursion also includes a free tour to the Barge Museum (Museo de Falúas), where they built the fleet of the Tajo back in the 17th century and where you can admire different vessels used by the Spanish monarchy. Also, the ticket includes a 50% discount for the Bullfighting Museum.

The Strawberry Train excursion takes place on weekends between May and October. However, it is not every weekend so make sure you check the timetables on the Renfe website:

Tickets cost 29.90€ for adults and 14.90€ for children (ages 4 to 12), with all the aforementioned activities included. Also, the train leaves from the Railway Museum, a magical place where you can travel back in time on trains.

You can easily get to the Railway Museum and the Strawberry Train from our hotel. We are a 30-minute walk or a short metro trip away. Make the most of our privileged location by Puerta del Sol, next to El Rastro, and move around Madrid at your own pace.

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