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vinosModeration with quality. With that clear, we can have a bit more wine, taking into account that the more we know about it, the more we will appreciate it and consume it with more control. Knowing more about its nuances, its liquid textures and its properties is something that is gathering more and more fans in Madrid, where there are many establishments, bars and wineries that are offering initiation courses of wine tasting.

A good place to discover the different aspects of the world of wine is La Fisna, on Calle Doctor Fourquet, 30 (Lavapiés), a stylish winery that offers wine-tasting courses every Friday and Saturday at 8pm. It is quite close to our hotel at Puerta de Toledo, so it is quite an accessible and pleasant activity for all guests who are staying with us.

They take place in groups of minimum six people, who taste wine from four different bottles, two reds and two whites, an experience that ends with some snacks. Meanwhile, theoretical and practical lessons take place about wine knowledge and ways to drink it, air it or smell it. The price per session is of 25 euros and the wine tasting lasts for approximately two hours.

If we change the district we go to the bar Vino y Compañía, in the lively Plaza de Olavide, which offers a wine tasting similar to La Fisna. In this case, they also add two sparkling wines but the price remains of 25 euros in sessions that take place daily. It also offers specialised tastings, like the one that shows how to combine wine with cheeses.

Once this knowledge has been interiorised, you can later go to bars with an excellent wine list such as Vinícola Mentridana, on Calle San Eugenio; or the tavern Stop Madrid, on Fuencarral. Another interesting option is the one offered in Vinopremer, on Calle Valverde, 29, where there is a never-ending list of bottles at interesting prices, to which you have to add the price for uncorking of 5 euros, It is ideal to try different wines and combine them with cold cuts and Iberian products such as cecina or different types of cheese.


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