Toca el cielo de Madrid: las vistas más espectaculares

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vistas madridVelázquez made Madrid’s sky famous, a considerable feat taking into account that back then you could not get as close to it as you can today. We propose a series of high viewpoints so you can enjoy Madrid from a birds-eye view.

The Faro de Moncloa is a transmission tower that rises 300 feet (92 m.) into the air, a viewpoint with fantastic panoramic views of the heart of Moncloa, the city’s university area. This tower was built in 1992, when Madrid became the European Capital of Culture. Its large windows allow you to see the Palacio de Oriente, Casa de Campo, Moncloa Palace and the Argüelles district with a full perspective. Tickets cost 3€ and it opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 8.30pm. How to get there? Take the metro to Moncloa and just look up into the sky.

Also, don’t miss out on the rooftop at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which will set you back just 4€ and that offers magnificent views of Calle Alcalá (and the brand-new Instituto Cervantes), the trees of El Retiro and the old rooftops of the city, which will make you believe what they used to say, that Madrid was just a little Castilian town. Also, try the rooftop at Tartan Roof, which is the name of the bar and restaurant which attempts to bring the Mediterranean beach bar albeit in a sophisticated fashion to Madrid’s sky. For the summer season, the chef Javier Muñoz-Calero has elaborated a menu that is highly promising.

You will also find a spectacular view at the cafeteria of the El Corte Inglés department store in Callao, on the floor with gourmet foods and informal restaurants. You will feel like Birdman, just not in Manhattan but rather on the Gran Vía and the stretch that leads to Plaza de España, an avenue which does remind some of New York.

Another option to rise into the sky is the legendary Madrid cable car, just a few minutes walking from this point. Happy viewing!

Photo: Felipe Gabaldón via Wikimedia Commons. License CC 2.0.

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