Lavapiés se moderniza sin perder su espíritu

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The inhabitants of Lavapiés are fearful of gentrification, the process in which a deprived district, such as Chueca back in the day, becomes a place full of modern and cool shops and bars in just a few years. Is this what is going to happen in the charismatic and multiethnic district of Lavapiés? What’s going to happen to the squares filled with children playing football, the Indian restaurants and the dingy bars? It would be a shame if they all disappeared but it seems that a happy coexistence between tradition and modernity in Lavapiés is possible.

Calle Argumosa is the street which is the most loyal to the district’s original spirit, although bars such as La Playa de Lavapiés or El Pedal have given it a more sophisticated touch, serving excellent mojitos and a fantastic variety of craft beers respectively. The district is paradise for those who love bar terraces, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to walk on the street. Casa de Asturias, La Buga del Lobo, El Automático, Achuri… there are plenty of options to choose from.

The district has an increasing number of spaces that are a hybrid between cafés and bookshops. La Fugitiva (Calle Santa Isabel, 7), La Infinito and La Libre de Lavapiés are places where you can enjoy some homemade cakes in the company of books (which you can buy at a low price or exchange). Next to La Fugitiva, go up Calle Doctor Fourquet and you will find a street filled with small art galleries such as Maisterra&Valbuena and Casa sin fin among others which, under the shadow of the upcoming Reina Sofía Museum, make out a unique art circuit for all art fans.

Make sure you also visit the trio of streets made up by Ave María, Olivar and Lavapiés. On Calle Lavapiés, 8, you can find El dinosaurio todavía estaba allí, a restaurant enjoying its new more pleasant and spacious location with an interesting snacks menu and plenty of scheduled literary activities. Lastly, try the Greek sandwiches at Egeo Suvlakería, on Calle San Carlos, 17, on the corner with Calle Ave María.

It goes without saying that we recommend that you discover the district by yourself. There are many pleasant surprises, such as the Patican church, which opens its doors every Sunday with Italian comedian and actor Leo Bassi as the master of ceremonies.

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