La mejor comida sin moverte del hotel

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Tired of walking around the streets of Madrid trying to find somewhere to eat? Home delivery (or hotel delivery) food services have come a long way in recent years, offering a varied and simple menu for many restaurants. One of them is Deliveroo, a service that offers the most select restaurants in the city and brings them to your doorstep within 30 minutes after making your order via their app. This app proposes different options, including healthy and tasty, cheap and cheerful and for special occasions. Some of the restaurants that Deliveroo works with are Sushi Shop, Tuk Tuk, Goiko Grill, Le Cop, which specialises in roast chickens; The New York Burger, Panchito and Petit Bangkok.

The order and payment are made via the app (you can’t pay in cash) and they charge a service fee of 2.50 euros. We recommend that your order is of minimum 15 euros because, otherwise, delivery costs are higher and it’s not worth it. Easy and intuitive.

La Nevera Roja is another of the services at your disposal, whose service has improved since their merger with Just Eat. Enter your postcode so you can be geolocated and enjoy the large selection of restaurants within your reach with just a click. You can pay with your credit card or via PayPal and they guarantee that their price is the same as if you ordered the food directly from the restaurant. More popular than Deliveroo, they specialise in pizza, kebabs, Japanese cuisine, burgers and Chinese food.

Lastly, RestoIn is another interesting option with a small selection yet of the highest quality. Some of its clients include La Vaca Picada, Tsunami, Dionisos and EcoCentro and average waiting time is 29 minutes. You can make the orders from their website.

Bon appétit!

Comida de calidad a golpe de click

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