¿Ganas de carne? No te prives

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Recent publications of the World Health Organisation about the health risks that come with eating processed meats have generated a somewhat excessive alarm amongst people, although this should not put people off a responsible consumption of meat. Since it’s Christmas and because there is no reason to alarm oneself, here are some restaurants where you can try the best meat.

We start at Hylogui, a traditional restaurant that was founded in 1930 on Calle Ventura de la Vega, 63 (next to Plaza de Santa Ana). Here they offer meats grilled over hot coals that will make you feel in meat heaven. Especially popular on the days prior to Christmas, we recommend that you try your luck after Christmas Day. Make sure you try its sirloin steaks and the carpaccio. Prices range from 30 to 40 euros per person.

On Calle O’Donnell you can find La Cochera, one of those restaurant that preserves its old ways despite the renovation in decor, which must be said is a good thing. Its attentive waiters will top up your wine glass every time it’s empty and they will make you feel like you are enjoying a private event rather than being at a restaurant. Its T-bone steak for two people costs 50 euros and it will leave you drooling when they serve it to your table.

De María is one of the city’s most famous restaurants, with meat being the restaurant’s focal gastronomic point. It has many different restaurants scattered around Madrid, but we recommend the one on Calle Félix Boix because it was the first one to open and because it is a favourite amongst Argentine celebrities in Madrid, no doubt people who know their meat. Its steak enjoys huge popularity as well as its many other different tender beef dishes. However, prices are moderately high but quality always has a price.

Lastly, if you fancy cooking the meat yourself on a hot stone, you should go to Rías Bajas. It has been one of the most popular restaurants in the city since it opened in 1979 thanks to its unique way of eating the best meat at a restaurant.

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