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Galileo Galilei, ¿sala o templo?

By | 15 November, 2015 | 0 comments

galileo galileiMadrid has quite a few venues labelled “legendary”, but the most famous one amongst locals is Galileo Galilei, which in fact celebrated its thirtieth birthday last October.

This concert venue, which reminisces of an ancient Greek temple, endured humble beginnings but it slowly gained fame and now has an event every day. And when we say every day, we mean every single day of the year. Also, it does not just present concerts but also other kinds of shows, such as magic shows, stand-up comedy and even art and photography exhibitions. It is a venue that presents both established and up-and-coming artists alike, as long as they have something good to offer.

Every single notable Spanish artist has performed at Galileo Galilei: Antonio Vega, Los Secretos, Kiko Veneno, Ismael Serrano, Hilario Camacho… there isn’t a single artist from the last thirty years that has not thrilled the crowd at this venue.

The interesting thing about this place is that there is, literally, always something going on. This upcoming December will see performances by the comedians Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, known for having created the cult comedy programmes La Hora Chanante and Muchachada Nui. They will be on stage on December 2nd at 9.00pm, with tickets costing 12 euros. Later on in the month, the venue will host artists such as Pablo Guerrero, the Teo Cardalda Trío, Un pingüino en mi ascensor and the famous comedy duo Faemino y Cansado.

Ticket prices are generally about 12 euros, although it does depend on the artist. If you would rather sit down at a table near the stage, it is usually 4 euros more, although it is worth it and highly recommended. If you do not have anything to do when you are staying in our accessible hotel in Madrid, check out their website by clicking here and see who is performing. Good luck!


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