Live music rooms to return to

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The much talked about new normality, which is the protagonist of countless zoom meetings and face-to-face conversations on bar terraces, will take longer to arrive for some activities than for others.unnamed

Not only do theatres and cinemas find it difficult and unprofitable to open with a reduced capacity, this is impossible for the live concert halls in Madrid. In fact, all the concerts that were scheduled have been postponed, asking the public to keep the tickets for later.

Far away was the performance of Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat where the former gave a great scare to all the fans with a resounding fall. It was the prelude to everything that would happen afterwards.

However, even if the massive concerts cannot be held, there are some smaller venues in Madrid which are expected to be revived soon with more intimate or lounge concerts. Open when they do, they are a must for music, art and culture lovers in general.

  1. Libertad 8. It is the cradle of Madrid’s singer-songwriters. It is located in Libertad Street, in the Chueca district. A place as intimate as it is famous. Wherever you get into the world of music, playing at Libertad 8 is already a triumph.
  2. Galileo Galilei. It is located in the area of Moncloa, in the Filipinas and Canal subways. It is also a place with a great musical tradition where concerts have always been different. It was born in the 80s and had previously been a cinema.
  3. Sala Costello. This hall is located in Caballero de Gracia, very close to Sol and the historic centre of Madrid. It has been alive since 2005 and many singers and performances have taken place here.
  4. Honky Tonk. Rock, jazz, poetry… This hall, located in the area of Alonso Martinez, also has many concerts and artistic exhibitions to its credit.

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