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Restaurants with something special

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The question “Where can we eat?” is one of the most uncomfortable ones that can arise during a trip. However, it’s also one of the most frequent ones so in order to help out, we will point you towards the best places for this crucial decision. If you like traditional local restaurants in Madrid, those with a loyal customer base which has been going there for years, even before the gentrification of Chueca, try Bocaíto. Founded in 1966, it offers simple yet copious cuisine in a traditional atmosphere. Their waiting staff is dressed in white jackets and are an excellent example of the efficient, friendly and sardonic local wittiness. You won’t find sophisticated cuisine here but you can enjoy delicious garlic prawns and a Milanese veal that is simply delicious. Prices are medium to high.

On Calle Ave María, in the upper area of Lavapiés, you can find La Temeraria, a small, pleasant and charming restaurant with a friendly staff who will make you feel at home. Its unpretentious menu has surprising options, such as the black spaghetti with monkfish, burrata or its popular octopus dish. All of its dishes are ideal to accompany with an excellent wine such as Viña Zorzal.

In the area known as Triball, between Gran Vía and Malasaña, we recommend La Tasquita de Enfrente, where you can enjoy two of its most popular dishes: its finger-licking steak tartare, made with a variety of white veal and seasoned like a vitello tonnato; and the callos, a traditional local tripe dish, considered as the best in the city. The callos are black and scrupulously cleaned, with an added spicy twist that critics say gives you “a sense of plenitude in your mouth”. Enough said.

Lastly, a good option is Café de París, ideal for indecisive clients since it only has one dish on its menu: its famous entrecôte whose sauce is the restaurant’s best-kept secret. Elaborated in Geneva, the sauce is sent every week to Madrid and it has a total of 24 ingredients which include spices, spirits and aromatic herbs.

Bon appétit.

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