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Don’t get cheese in your omelette

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The Spanish expression dar con queso (literally, given with cheese) actually means to be fooled. The expression comes from wine fairs, when sellers gave cheese to tasters in order to soften the harsh taste of the wine. The same thing applies to omelettes. It must be juicy and have onion because that’s the way it has always been done.

On Catatortillas, the omelette version of Wikipaella, you can find an excellent guide to enjoy one of the most symbolic dishes of Spanish cuisine which, if cooked properly, is a treat but an absolute nightmare if cooked badly. If the writers of Catatortillas don’t like what they tried, they will make sure to let everyone know thanks to their unique rating version based on the number of eggs. The omelette at Bar El Infinito, for example, reaches an excellent 4 eggs. This bar, run by a Chinese couple, has a decoration that won’t win any awards but they seem to have found the secret of this old recipe. A slice of omelette is ideal for breakfast alongside a coffee, since they cook it really early, something not totally uncommon in Madrid. All of this for just 3 euros and you can find it on Paseo de las Delicias, 57.

In the Salamanca district you can find Casa Dani (Calle Ayala, 28), one of the places in Madrid that prepares the most omelettes every day. With or without onion, they are finger-licking delicious. If you are in the area, at number 19 of the same street you will come across Jurucha, which offers a runny omelette that is a favourite amongst locals. Its tapas, which they have been serving since 1961, are also very popular.

Near Calle Ponzano, famous for its vast gastronomic offer, classic bars and modern venues, is Sylkar, a restaurant that says they serve “the best omelette in Madrid”. They gamble with how runny they make it, sometimes making it seem more like scrambled eggs than an omelette, but that is where its attractiveness lies. Find it on Calle Espronceda, 17.

Also note: Bodegas Ardosa, La Penela (Betanzos style) and Taberna Pedraza.

Happy omelette!

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