The sweetest temptations for Easter Week

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Lent, a time for fasting, almsgiving and prayer, is a call for a frugal life, a way to bring Christians closer to the Passion which awaits Jesus Christ and, in some way, to enter a more spiritual dimension. But men and women cannot just live off this spirit and anything sweet is always welcome, such as torrijas, the Easter sweet par excellence which you can find in many bakeries and cake shops.

One of these places is Antigua Pastelería del Pozo, famous since 1830 for its puff-pastry goods but also for the excellent torrijas they prepare this time of year. It is one of Madrid’s most authentic spots, located in the city centre, which also elaborates the famous roscón de Reyes (King cake, traditionally eaten for Epiphany) all year long, although some say it is not the best you can find. If in doubt, just choose the torrijas.

Another emblematic spot for torrijas and sweets of any kind is El Riojano, located in the middle of Calle Mayor. Here they sell all kinds of sweets adapted to the religious calendar, such as the panecillos (Rolls) of San Antón, gargantillas of San Blas and, of course, torrijas, which can be soaked in milk or wine.

Nunos is another essential stop in our torrijas route in Madrid, where they take great care in the preparation of this exquisite dessert, both in terms of flavour and presentation. Located on Calle Narváez, 63, dropping by here will be worth your while. You can get here by crossing El Retiro and then arriving to sample some of its other specialities, such as its chocolates. They say they are one of the few Spanish confectionary shops which uses the exclusive goson noir to prepare different chocolate-based goods such as chocolates, cakes, tarts and Easter cakes and eggs.

We could not finish this torrija route without visiting La Casa de las Torrijas, a place famous for the dessert that’s in its name and for the street that it is in. They serve torrijas made with milk or wine and you can combine either with a sweet wine which adds the necessary warmth. However, remember, it is Lent after all.


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