The best chocolate palmeras in Madrid

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On autumn days like these, when the cold is setting in and we begin to wrap up in layer after layer, ice creams start to make way for other street food delights.

And chocolate palmeras make for an exquisite option. The years may pass, but a sweet tooth rarely does! Enjoying a chocolatey bite in the heart of a vibrant city like Madrid is an experience to be savoured.

Palmeras vary from one place to another, so we have put together a list of the very best bakeries where you are sure to find your absolute favourite:

palmera chocolate

Mallorca: One of the best-known classics. The chocolate coating is full of real cocoa flavour, and their double-layered pastry is possibly one of the best on the planet.

Mallorquina: Located in the Puerta del Sol square, their palmeras have seen the city evolve over the years, delighting locals and tourists alike.

La Duquesita: Nestled in the area of Las Salesas, in-between the charming streets of Alonso Martínez, Chueca and the Recoletos boulevard. Crisp and airy, their palmeras make the perfect mid-afternoon snack or even desert.

Una Dolce Idea: This patisserie d’auteur lies in the Pirámides – Acacias area, and their palmeras are slightly different. Named and shaped after the Wi-Fi symbol, you might call them the palmera 2.0. As well as chocolate, they have them coated in caramel too.

Morata de Tajuña: This is a town located to the east of Madrid which is so famous for its palmeras that in 2017 they hosted the first edition of the Palmerita and Sweets Fair in mid-December. The whole town gets involved, so it really is quite an experience.

Not bad for a start, right?

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