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Are you thinking of getting a tattoo?

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You have probably thought about getting a tattoo in the past and, who knows, maybe it’s time to get one now. You can find many tattoo parlours in Madrid to make your dream come true on your skin. One of them is Mao & Cathy, perhaps the most prestigious parlour in Madrid to get your first tattoo thanks to their experience (they were the first ones to open) and the fantastic work their artists do. They have won many awards which endorse their excellent service and hygiene and health standards, which they were also pioneers in. Their first parlour opened in Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 6; and they now have two other ones, on Calle de la Luna (Callao) and Caños del Peral, 5 (Ópera).

Also in the heart of the city is Tattoo Center, at number 21 of the lively Calle Montera. If you have changed your mind about your tattoo, they also have a place which carries out tattoo removals, because a diamond is forever but a tattoo doesn’t have to be (even though the results aren’t always great). In Argüelles you can find Madrid Art Tattoo, experts in classic tattoos in styles such as black tradition, old school and new tradition. However, they adapt to market needs such as mini-tattoos of flying birds, flowers and hearts, such popular options these days.

If you want a more creative and original tattoo, check out La mano zurda (Calle Apocada, 1, Tribunal district). This parlour has two floors where Fine Arts graduates work at the service of this cutaneous art, with exclusive designs which make each tattoo unique. They offer up to 15 different styles among which you will definitely find the one which adapts to your taste, with the additional option of removing a tattoo or covering it if you no longer like the artwork in the future. They use laser techniques for removal but they do warn you that complete removal, as is well known, is not always 100% satisfactory. Therefore, the cover-up option is a good choice, but if a tattoo is part of a person’s soul, there is no reason to ever remove it.

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