The new Berbabéu, the biggest innovation in this year’s La Liga

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La Liga has begun. A La Liga without as many big names as last season, in the wake of the departure of players who shone on their own, such as Messi, Sergio Ramos and now Saúl.

From time to time, the clubs also need to buckle up, take a breath of fresh air and just play, which is what is actually expected of them.
But there’s certainly a highlight this year, apart from Griezmann’s return to Atlético de Madrid after his short spell at Barcelona: the forthcoming unveiling of the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium after months of renovations.
Its debut is expected to take place in mid-September. Although it’s not completely ready—there are still some finishing touches to be added—at least it’s now scheduled to be operational and to begin to come to life.
In addition to its various entrances, one of its most remarkable features will probably be its large retractable roof, which will allow matches to take place in all possible weather conditions, without extreme rain hindering them.
A further innovation is its artificial turf, on which work has already begun.
More details are bound to emerge as work is completed, and especially when the coronavirus is only a distant memory.
It has now been agreed to increase the capacity of the stadiums to 60% for upcoming matches so that gradually the atmosphere of live football can once again be experienced, so that players can feel supported, and to make a thing of the past those broadcasts in which the silence and emptiness of the stadiums were hidden by cheers from other matches and darkened stands.
As for the Calderón, it’s already more than demolished, and real estate posters are beginning to appear on the site in this part of the Manzanares.
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