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Guided tours in Madrid at affordable prices

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Aravolo is a company based in Valencia which, among its many services, offers a series of free tours only to then point out that they’re not strictly “free”. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything at first but at the end you do have to tip the guide with an amount that you consider to be fair. With this format, they have up to ten different proposals, among which we can find basic tours of Madrid in Spanish or English and more specialised ones such as the ones dedicated to Myths and Legends, the Spanish Inquisition and Medieval Madrid.

With a more traditional payment format, the company doesn’t just offer 2-hour tours but also more complete ones such as a Morning walk around Madrid and guided Prado Museum tour and the Panoramic tour of Madrid and Real Madrid afternoon.

Wake Up also offers ‘Free Tours’ with similar proposals, albeit combined with other more original and tempting ones, such as ‘Hundred-year-old Shops’, ‘Madrid’s Forgotten Women’ and, ‘Corrupt Madrid’.

However, it’s not all about culture… as long as you don’t consider wine to be culture. On this website you can find a few tapas and wine routes around Madrid’s most central and popular districts but also visits to some places off the beaten track such as the Retiro area. In fact, the best gastronomic reviews are from places located on streets such as Narváez, Mallorca and Ibiza, bars which serve tapas and dishes which will make your jaw drop. The cheapest tour costs 35 euros and it visits 4 traditional taverns, offering a glass of wine and a tapa in each. The most expensive one costs 50 euros but it includes a glass of wine and two tapas per tavern in a total of 5 taverns. Just make sure you don’t have to go back to work afterwards.


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